Frequently asked questions

We add questions that we hear frequently. Ask us if you don't see something!

Can I add multiple spaces in one account?

Yes! You can have up to 10 spaces in the Ultimate Plan. If you need more spaces, please contact us to get a quote.

Is there any time limit for each video?

Yes! Every video has a limit. Free plan has a limit of 2 minutes, 3 minutes for the Premium plan and 5 minutes for the Ultimate plan. It's more than enough to cover the whole testimonial recording.

What happens after 2 free videos?

Your customers can continue submitting their video testimonials. However on your side, you need to upgrade to Premium or Ultimate plan to access additional videos.

What is the Wall of Love?

Wall of Love is a place to display all your selected testimonials. You can read more info here:

How to embed the Wall of Love?


Can I get embed a single video to my site?

Yes, but only if you are our premium user! We provide embed code for each video. It's just one-line code. You just copy the code and place it in any no-code platform, like how you embed the Wall of Love.

Can I download the video testimonials?

Yes! You can download all videos in MP4 format. You will have a single page to manage all testimonials for each of your products.

Can my customers submit testimonials in text?

Sure they can! Your customers can choose to use video or text (unlimited). But to make the testimonial more authentic, you may recommend them to send you videos.

What information can I collect from my customer?

Apart from the testimonial, you can collect your customer's name, headshot, email, title and company, social link. You can also add up to 2 custom data to collect, e.g. phone number, etc.

Do you offer discount?

Sure! We offer discounts for bootstrappers and non-profits. It will only apply on the subscription plan. Please contact damon@testimonial.to to get the discount code.

Do you have any other question?

No problem! Send me an email damon@testimonial.to. I'll be glad to answer your questions!