Create a space

Before starting to collect testimonials, and build the Wall of Love, you need to create a new space first. A space is like a container to hold all your testimonials.
You can create a space from your Dashboard page: https://testimonial.to/dashboard where you will see + Create a new space button
notion image
Click the create button, you will see the Create a new space popup modal
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Mandatory fields

Only 4 fields are required:
  1. Space name
  1. Space logo
  1. Header title
  1. Your custom message
When you make changes, you can see a live preview on the left side, like this
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Optional fields


Add your own video message

This is a premium feature for subscription users only
To make your testimonial's page more personal, you can upload your own video message here
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Once your video is selected, you can see how it looks like from the live preview section.
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Add questions

You can ask your users some specific questions, up to 5.
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You will also see questions in the live preview section as well
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Collect extra information

By default, name and email will be collected. However, you have the option to collect more information if needed. You can add 2 more custom fields as well.
notion image
In the sample above, we will collect two more information from your users:
  1. Title, company
  1. Phone number

Collect user's consent

By default, all users have to give permissions to use their videos. However, you can disable it. In case you want to use them in marketing materials later on, please do get their permissions first.
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Video testimonial only

By default, we will show video and text option in your testimonial's submission page. However, if you are only interested in getting video testimonials, you have the option to remove the text option.
notion image
You will find only there is Record a video button from the live preview.
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Collect star ratings

Once it's enabled, we will collect star ratings from text testimonial submissions. For video testimonial, star rating will not be applied.
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Choose a theme

By default, your testimonial's page will be in the light theme. However, if you prefer the dark theme, you can enable in the following option
notion image
You can also see how the dark theme looks like from the live preview
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Custom button color

You need to upgrade your plan to use this feature
You can change the button color to fit your own style. Say if we set the color to #FF6900 , the button background should be in orange.
notion image
You can see it from the live preview as well
notion image


By default, it's English. We also support 5 other languages, they are:
  • Spanish ✅
  • German ✅
  • Portuguese (Brazil) ✅
  • French ✅
  • Dutch ✅
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Customize thank-you page

This is how the default thank-you looks like
notion image
However, if you don't like Leonardo 🤪, or you want to change the thank-you message, you can do it here. Just click the Thank you page button, you can find in beneath the live preview card:
notion image
Then you should see a view like this
notion image
You can do all these customizations:
  • Update/hide the thank-you image
  • Thank you title
  • Thank you message
  • Add social share buttons
  • Automatically reward your customers

Update/hide the thank-you image

In order to update the default thank-you image, simply choose an image to upload, you can see a live preview on the left:
notion image
If you don't want to show a thank-you image, you can check the box to hide the image:
notion image

Add social share buttons

Just toggle the option of Allow to share on social media to ON, like this, we will add a list of social icons at the bottom of your thank-you card. The social media will include:
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • WhatsApp
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Automatically reward your customers

You need to upgrade your plan to use this feature
Automatic reward will only be sent for video testimonials. For text testimonial, it will not be triggered.
Please check this help article for the Reward program:
After you add funds to your reward account, you can enable the automatic reward. Simply toggle the following button to ON, and specify how much you would like to send for each video testimonial.
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Redirect to your own page

After the testimonial is submitted successfully, you can redirect your users to whatever page you put here. It can be your own thank-you page, or any other page to show your appreciation.
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Extra settings

You can do some extra customizations:
  • Change the video/text button
  • Change the consent statement
  • Change some default text
  • Add your affiliate link
  • Add a 3rd-party review link
  • Turn off video recording for iPhone devices

Change the video/text button

Our default button text is:
  • Record a video
  • Send in text
If you don't like our default setup, you can change it here:
notion image

Change the consent statement

The default consent statement is
I give permission to use this testimonial across social channels and other marketing efforts
If you want to change the consent statement, you can do it here
notion image
Or, if you have longer terms, and you just want to add a link to point to your own consent terms, you can check the Link to your own consent checkbox and add your link below
notion image

Change some default text

You can change the Question label. Remember in your space settings, you can add a list of questions. However, if those are not related to questions, but they are some hints/prompts, you can change the Question label to whatever you want, say we change it to Hints
notion image
You can see the Question label being changed to Hints in the live preview as well
notion image

Change the default avatar for text testimonials

By default, this smiley face is the default avatar for text testimonials that don't have a user-uploaded avatar.
notion image
If you don't like our default option, you can choose your own one to upload.
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Add your affiliate link

You need to sign up our affiliate program to get a unique link first.
Sign up our affiliate program
After you paste your affiliate link to the box below, on your Wall of Love, the bottom Testimonial logo will be displayed at all time, and your affiliate link will be added there.
Anyone who visits Testimonial's site via your affiliate link, then becomes our paying customer will be counted as a successful referral, and you will earn a 30% recurring commission as long as the customer continues his/her subscription plan.

Add a 3rd-party review link

If you have a 3rd-party review page, you have the choice to add the link to your testimonial's page. In the screenshot below, we add a Google review link, and you can see how it looks like from the live preview. When your user clicks the Google, the page will be redirected to your Google's review page.
notion image
We now support all these 3rd-party platforms. You can choose one of them.
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Trustpilot
  • Capterra
  • G2
  • Yelp

Turn off video recording for iPhone devices

iPhone doesn't support high-resolution recording on the spot. To get better-quality videos from your customers, you can disable the on-spot live recording, and only allow your users to select an existing video to upload which may produce a better quality.
You just need to toggle the option below to ON. This setting will not affect PC/laptop/Android users.
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