Add custom domain

It is only available for the Premium/Ultimate plan users.
First, make sure you've added your custom domain to your space. On your main dashboard page, for each space, you will see a little ⚙️ icon. Clicking that it will show a dropdown list, pick the Custom domain option. Then enter your preferred subdomain name, these are some most popular options:
  1. testimonial.yourwebsite.com
  1. love.yourwebsite.com
  1. shoutout.yourwebsite.com
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After you saved the subdomain, you're almost completed. One last thing you need to do is go to your domain's DNS setup, add a CNAME record for your subdomain pointing to cname.testimonial.to.
Say your custom domain is testimonial.yourwebsite.com, in the CNAME record, make sure the source is the subdomain name testimonial, and the destination is cname.testimonial.to.
Here are some instructions for setting CNAME records in some popular DNS services:
  • CloudFlare Make sure to disable the orange cloud ⛅️ for the CNAME record 👇
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Then you are all set 🥳
The whole process may take more than 24 hours. But most of the time, it can be handled within hours. So please be patient! 🙏